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August 3rd, 2016

DrFidget has stolen Kyogre from the Pokemon World Championships. Gumbshoes, you need to fix your pokeradar, travel to Alola, and get Kyogre back. Then capture Carmen Sandiego!

The Loot is Gone and the chase is on, and one of these people could find her: Toler, Tiffany and Stephen.

0:00:20 Intro
0:04:46 Mewtwo
0:09:15 Pokemon GO
0:16:30 New Pokemon Forms
0:23:13 Z-Moves
0:30:20 New Pokemon
0:53:00 Aegislash
0:54:10 Must have moves
0:57:45 Double Primal
0:59:56 Improving as a player and moving on from a series of bad runs
1:04:00 Restricted pair that will win worlds
1:07:35 Worst restricted
1:11:20 The real answer is DrFidget himself
1:12:50 Outro


July 21st, 2016

Toler and Sam switch roles to catch up on the VGC 16 metagame going into worlds. Turns out not much has changed since the last episode. So then we spend the rest of the episode breaking down the Pokemon game everyone is talking about right now: Pokemon Go!

Just kidding, we spend 40 minutes on Sun and Moon. This is strictly a VGC and sandwich podcast after all.

00. Intro
13. Big 6
20. Japan
23. US Nats and Metagame
27. Questions! Venusaur and Safeguard

Sun and Moon
32. New Pokemon
39. Highest Priority
41. Snatch
43. Horse
47. Bounsweet
51. Mimikyu
55. Bear
1.00. Competitive changes
1.07. Outro

Hidden Power Stipend

April 30th, 2016

This week Dim returns and friend of the show PBall0010 makes his Lava Pool debut. We talk about food, money, hair, and a surprising amount of pokémon.

00.20 Intro: Best breakfast food.
05.20 Hair Loss
07.25 Pokken
09.15 Stipends
18:30 HP Water Mons (Salamence doesn’t count, learns more water moves)
21:50 Dumbest “Big 6” counters
24.45 Gravity Kyurem & Groudon teams
27:30 Best wing sauce
29:55 Pokémon that understand sandwiches 
31:28 Top underrated restricted pokémon 
36:02 This years “Japan Sand”
38:30 Best of 3 practice
44:20 Should pokémon be esports?
48:30 Is the community to negitive?
52:15 NPA & Outro


On Top of Kyogre

April 21st, 2016

This episode is just exciting enough that we got up at 7am to record it. Tiffany (shiloh) Stanley joins Samuel (DrFidget) Haarsma to stack rank bears, restricted pokemon, and Bronzong move options.

0.20 Intro- How early is early?
4.20 What bear is best?
6.25 Bronzong sets
11.00 Tyranitar
13.55 What 2 restricted pokemon will win worlds?
17.55 Kyogre reality check.
25.45 Double Primal
30.00 Stipends
32.23 When will other restricted pokemon pop up?
33.18 Will people really miss invites?
34.45 Regionals not having uniform "Best of x" or days played.
38.00 Outro

Pokken Money

March 23rd, 2016

Sorry this episode is late, mostly unedited and lacks timestamps, but it’s been a crazy week. Dim and BadIntent jump on this episode to talk about the Pokken circuit, and answer a ton of listener questions about VGC 16.

Like I said no timestamps but here were the topics mostly in order:
Best Hotels
Pokken Tournaments and prizes. 
(Also, here’s the link to the Team GFB episode with Jabailey I referenced, if you’re interested
Next International Challenge
Nats Stipends
Number of players in Worlds

I Like Big Tusks

March 1st, 2016

Sam is back and this time he brought friends! Gabby steps away from the mic at regionals to pick up a mic here. Chalkey just topcut a regional with "A Walrus" hours before Sam did the same. So naturally we talk about birds, hats, and best of 3 vs the hack check.

0:00:20 Intro, Disney.
0:04:30 Winter Regionals.
0:17:00 Oregon is surprise best of 3 Swiss.
0:22:10 Hack Check issues.
0:35:50 Pokken.
0:38:20 Teams we used.
0:54:00 Hats.
0:56:35 Sun and Moon announcement.
1:01:00 Birds.
1:03:25 Outro.

Here I Go Again

February 26th, 2016

It’s the first ever solo cast from The Lava Pool as I wanted to put something out but had no time to get people together. I put a call out for questions and thankfully you guys delivered. Next episode should be back to normal, but for now enjoy the train wreck that is me for an hour.

00:20 Intro, alone
02:10 Favorite format and why.
03:25 Primal salads 
04:15 Follow our twitter @TheLavaPool and ask us questions!
04:46 Are Primals smarter than toddlers?
06:40 Is the “Big 6” really bad? Why does a walrus body it?
09:30 Primal sandwiches
10:30 Patrick ascends to “Friend of the show” status.
11:20 How centralized is VGC16 going to be?
13:00 I try to talk to a Benji who isn’t there.
15:15 Loaderbro
16:40 Benji ascends to friend of the show
16:55 Sleeper restricted picks.
18:10 Top 5 fast food places
19:50 Sleeper Megas
21:55 Coolest thing I played in Cali
26:15 The worst standard pokémon.
30:35 How is the current format developing? Predictions?
32:40 Is Dark Void ban worthy?
33:25 2010 compared to 2016
37:10 What restricted pokémon is best bro?
38:15 What beats “Big 6”?
39:25 Worst food at a pokémon event?
41:20 If you had to become a pokémon, what would you choose.
43:05 What do you want out of a pokémon direct?
44:21 Choose the format for VGC17 and invite structure.
46:48 Lunch break?
47:05 If everything was banned what would the format look like?
49:25 My IC/Cali team.
54:50 Outro

Sponsored by Smeargle

February 4th, 2016

This week I’m joined by Gabby (JTK), Chalkey and Paul (Makiri) for what was supposed to be a quick episode that just got away from us. Apparently people still have a lot of thoughts about Smeargle, US Nationals is going to Ohio, and CP is dissapearing. We also go over the International Challenge, the death of VGC, and why you shouldn’t sign contracts with MISSINGNO or something. Look it’s a long episode and it’s kind of a blur. Enjoy!

0.0.20 Intro: Game day food.
0.03.30 US Nats in Ohio
0.08.15 International Challenge January
0.17.19 Last episodes PC has a new chapter.
0.21.42 PAX South (but mostly more Smeargle talk)
0.33.00 Red Blue Yellow Virtual Console Tournys
0.39.46 Throwback qualification methods.
0.41.45 Paul talks a bit more about sponsorships. Read his original blog here:
0.55.26 Winter Regionals! (But really just more Smeargle talk)
1.08.00 Questions 1, Megas that got a second chance at a first impression.
1.15.54 Question 2, Non-weather Cores
1.19.09 Question 3, Is VGC dying?!?
1.35.02 Question 4, Common Cores
1.38.00 Smith_ is dumb/Outro
(PS I love Smith_)

Technical Difficulties

January 22nd, 2016

This episode was brought to you by the grace of 6 project and 3 system recoveries. Hard Drives failed and power supplies died but this episode is now live! This week I’m joined by Toler, Hayden, and Rushan to talk about the new Nugget Bridge, Pokémon turning 20, and the new hot team all the kids are using!

0.0.20 Intro
0.3.50 Battle Spot update.
0.6.00 International Challenge announced.
0.11.45 The story behind the new Nugget Bridge blog system.
0.27.29 Pokémon turns 20 and we reflect on where we were when it started.
0.40.17 EU Regionals might have happened.
0.41.58 Midseason showdowns announced.
0.43.04 Hayden is the latest victim of TOM. (This is also where my computer dies and so my audio will be missing or poor the rest of the show. I cut around it best I could.)
0.48.49 Kangaskahn/Smeargle/Xerneas/Groudon. How it works, and how to stop it.
1.02.12 Question time! First one is about Mewtwo.
1.10.10 Next question is about event legends
1.23.30 Outro

Where Do We Go From Here?

January 7th, 2016

We’re back for the new year. This week I’m joined by JTK, Dim, and Smith. We kick things off with more sandwich and Smeargle talk, then jump into US nats rumors. After that it’s a lot of half formed ideas on the metagame based on early PCs and testing. Everything is terrible! Everything is great! What is bread?! Find out now!

0.0.20 Intro: What sandwich would Primals make?

0.4.34 Rules and more Smeargle talk.

0.13.40 US National location rumors

0.20.25 What we’ve seen at Premiere Challenges

0.38.00 Questions! Outlook for Trick Room in 2016?

0.42.24 What is best between Kyoger/Groudon/Rayquaza?

0.54.00 Good non-restricted or underused pokémon?

1.11.30 Outro

1.21.20 A working knowledge of human language is easily achievable but understanding the concept of bread is a bridge too far for Primal Pokémon.


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