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Fly Me to the Moon

December 16th, 2016

No visit from Santa this year, but visits from Tman, Cybertron, and Dim more than make up for it. This week we go over our favorite holiday foods, talk about all of London's many suprises, team sheets, money, and which Tapus are sniffing around your daughter.

00:20 Holiday Foods
02:20 London
07:30 Trends
14:50 Europe Circuit
20:30 Timer
26:30 Team Sheets
34:49 $$$
37:55 Memento & Parting Shot
42:00 Questions


Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

December 3rd, 2016

The time for VGC17 has come. Or is it gone? Sam, Toler, and Tiffany have 3 turns to figure it out. In doing say they also cover new cores, bigest early suprises, and what is the cutest new Pokemon.

0:00:20 Intro
0:03:40 VGC17 Rules
0:05:30 Timer
0:18:35 2016
0:23:00 Smeargle in 17
0:24:00 17 Teams
0:34:50 Underachievers
0:39:20 Silvally Colors
0:42:00 Suprises
0:44:47 London
0:47:56 Corrections
0:49:46 Questions
0:55:50 Cutest Pokemon
1:02:42 Outro


Here Comes the Sun (Spoilers)

November 21st, 2016

In this extra special spoilercast, DrFidget, JTK and Shiloh recount their trips through Alola. We go over our teams, evil teams, human and pokemon relationships, human and human relationships, human and cloathing relationships, etc. Did I mention there will be spoilers?


Bad Moon Rising

November 18th, 2016

The days of VGC 2016 are coming to a close and a new format is begining. DrFidget welcomes back Dimsun, Bopper, and the cuss button to hit the ground running on this exciting new metagame. This episode is Sun/Moon spoiler free.


0:00:20 Intro

0:02:40 New Items

0:07:00 Z-moves

0:13:30 Best Rookie Pokemon

0:43:10 Best Returning Pokemon

1:00:25 Questions


Ninja Town

October 13th, 2016

Sam, Toler, and Tiffany are back with timers, demos, rules, and new pokemon. We also revisit bow-tie vs bikini top on our way to ninja town and depression. So you can go ahead and call this one a banger.

00:20 Intro, Board Games
03:30 New Timer
05:10 Ladder Updates
06:32 Battle Teams
09:35 Triples and Free for All
10:25 WCS17 Rules
16:00 Sun & Moon Features
26:00 Demo
31:00 Fees and Lines
35:00 New Pokemon
44:00 VGC16 Metagame Changes


Werewolves of London

September 24th, 2016

Take your hat off and get ready to rock, VGC 2017 is here! This week Sam, Toler, and Tiffany are breaking down Championship Points, Prize $$$, and format changes. There was also a bunch of Sun & Moon news with double doses of wolves, monkeys and unevolved Z-Moves.

00:20 Intro, Zog
02:30 CP Bar
14:30 Prize $
19:00 Format change in December
22:05 Pokemon Bank
25:20 Dress up is back!
27:00 Grooming
30:20 New Z-Moves
36:50 Passimian
38:55 Oranguru
41:55 Lycanroc
46:35 Bronzong
50:25 Personal favorite pokemon in 2016

Sandcastle Nightmare

September 17th, 2016

Apologies for the audio this week, I let the auto tools in audacity loose instead of doing everything myself. The end result is a rather manically paced episode with a number of sentences cut off. HOWEVER, the rest of the episode is so good it doesn't even matter.

Gabby and Tiffany hang out and talk about Sun and Moon, new pokemon, fashion, and photography. Then about 40 minutes in we start talking about VGC, kind of. Welcome to the off season!


August 3rd, 2016

DrFidget has stolen Kyogre from the Pokemon World Championships. Gumbshoes, you need to fix your pokeradar, travel to Alola, and get Kyogre back. Then capture Carmen Sandiego!

The Loot is Gone and the chase is on, and one of these people could find her: Toler, Tiffany and Stephen.

0:00:20 Intro
0:04:46 Mewtwo
0:09:15 Pokemon GO
0:16:30 New Pokemon Forms
0:23:13 Z-Moves
0:30:20 New Pokemon
0:53:00 Aegislash
0:54:10 Must have moves
0:57:45 Double Primal
0:59:56 Improving as a player and moving on from a series of bad runs
1:04:00 Restricted pair that will win worlds
1:07:35 Worst restricted
1:11:20 The real answer is DrFidget himself
1:12:50 Outro


July 21st, 2016

Toler and Sam switch roles to catch up on the VGC 16 metagame going into worlds. Turns out not much has changed since the last episode. So then we spend the rest of the episode breaking down the Pokemon game everyone is talking about right now: Pokemon Go!

Just kidding, we spend 40 minutes on Sun and Moon. This is strictly a VGC and sandwich podcast after all.

00. Intro
13. Big 6
20. Japan
23. US Nats and Metagame
27. Questions! Venusaur and Safeguard

Sun and Moon
32. New Pokemon
39. Highest Priority
41. Snatch
43. Horse
47. Bounsweet
51. Mimikyu
55. Bear
1.00. Competitive changes
1.07. Outro

Hidden Power Stipend

April 30th, 2016

This week Dim returns and friend of the show PBall0010 makes his Lava Pool debut. We talk about food, money, hair, and a surprising amount of pokémon.

00.20 Intro: Best breakfast food.
05.20 Hair Loss
07.25 Pokken
09.15 Stipends
18:30 HP Water Mons (Salamence doesn’t count, learns more water moves)
21:50 Dumbest “Big 6” counters
24.45 Gravity Kyurem & Groudon teams
27:30 Best wing sauce
29:55 Pokémon that understand sandwiches 
31:28 Top underrated restricted pokémon 
36:02 This years “Japan Sand”
38:30 Best of 3 practice
44:20 Should pokémon be esports?
48:30 Is the community to negitive?
52:15 NPA & Outro


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