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DrFidget has stolen Kyogre from the Pokemon World Championships. Gumbshoes, you need to fix your pokeradar, travel to Alola, and get Kyogre back. Then capture Carmen Sandiego!

The Loot is Gone and the chase is on, and one of these people could find her: Toler, Tiffany and Stephen.

0:00:20 Intro
0:04:46 Mewtwo
0:09:15 Pokemon GO
0:16:30 New Pokemon Forms
0:23:13 Z-Moves
0:30:20 New Pokemon
0:53:00 Aegislash
0:54:10 Must have moves
0:57:45 Double Primal
0:59:56 Improving as a player and moving on from a series of bad runs
1:04:00 Restricted pair that will win worlds
1:07:35 Worst restricted
1:11:20 The real answer is DrFidget himself
1:12:50 Outro