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Here I Go Again


It’s the first ever solo cast from The Lava Pool as I wanted to put something out but had no time to get people together. I put a call out for questions and thankfully you guys delivered. Next episode should be back to normal, but for now enjoy the train wreck that is me for an hour.

00:20 Intro, alone
02:10 Favorite format and why.
03:25 Primal salads 
04:15 Follow our twitter @TheLavaPool and ask us questions!
04:46 Are Primals smarter than toddlers?
06:40 Is the “Big 6” really bad? Why does a walrus body it?
09:30 Primal sandwiches
10:30 Patrick ascends to “Friend of the show” status.
11:20 How centralized is VGC16 going to be?
13:00 I try to talk to a Benji who isn’t there.
15:15 Loaderbro
16:40 Benji ascends to friend of the show
16:55 Sleeper restricted picks.
18:10 Top 5 fast food places
19:50 Sleeper Megas
21:55 Coolest thing I played in Cali
26:15 The worst standard pokémon.
30:35 How is the current format developing? Predictions?
32:40 Is Dark Void ban worthy?
33:25 2010 compared to 2016
37:10 What restricted pokémon is best bro?
38:15 What beats “Big 6”?
39:25 Worst food at a pokémon event?
41:20 If you had to become a pokémon, what would you choose.
43:05 What do you want out of a pokémon direct?
44:21 Choose the format for VGC17 and invite structure.
46:48 Lunch break?
47:05 If everything was banned what would the format look like?
49:25 My IC/Cali team.
54:50 Outro