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Hidden Power Stipend


This week Dim returns and friend of the show PBall0010 makes his Lava Pool debut. We talk about food, money, hair, and a surprising amount of pokémon.

00.20 Intro: Best breakfast food.
05.20 Hair Loss
07.25 Pokken
09.15 Stipends
18:30 HP Water Mons (Salamence doesn’t count, learns more water moves)
21:50 Dumbest “Big 6” counters
24.45 Gravity Kyurem & Groudon teams
27:30 Best wing sauce
29:55 Pokémon that understand sandwiches 
31:28 Top underrated restricted pokémon 
36:02 This years “Japan Sand”
38:30 Best of 3 practice
44:20 Should pokémon be esports?
48:30 Is the community to negitive?
52:15 NPA & Outro