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On Top of Kyogre


This episode is just exciting enough that we got up at 7am to record it. Tiffany (shiloh) Stanley joins Samuel (DrFidget) Haarsma to stack rank bears, restricted pokemon, and Bronzong move options.

0.20 Intro- How early is early?
4.20 What bear is best?
6.25 Bronzong sets
11.00 Tyranitar
13.55 What 2 restricted pokemon will win worlds?
17.55 Kyogre reality check.
25.45 Double Primal
30.00 Stipends
32.23 When will other restricted pokemon pop up?
33.18 Will people really miss invites?
34.45 Regionals not having uniform "Best of x" or days played.
38.00 Outro