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This week I’m joined by Gabby (JTK), Chalkey and Paul (Makiri) for what was supposed to be a quick episode that just got away from us. Apparently people still have a lot of thoughts about Smeargle, US Nationals is going to Ohio, and CP is dissapearing. We also go over the International Challenge, the death of VGC, and why you shouldn’t sign contracts with MISSINGNO or something. Look it’s a long episode and it’s kind of a blur. Enjoy!

0.0.20 Intro: Game day food.
0.03.30 US Nats in Ohio
0.08.15 International Challenge January
0.17.19 Last episodes PC has a new chapter.
0.21.42 PAX South (but mostly more Smeargle talk)
0.33.00 Red Blue Yellow Virtual Console Tournys
0.39.46 Throwback qualification methods.
0.41.45 Paul talks a bit more about sponsorships. Read his original blog here:
0.55.26 Winter Regionals! (But really just more Smeargle talk)
1.08.00 Questions 1, Megas that got a second chance at a first impression.
1.15.54 Question 2, Non-weather Cores
1.19.09 Question 3, Is VGC dying?!?
1.35.02 Question 4, Common Cores
1.38.00 Smith_ is dumb/Outro
(PS I love Smith_)