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Technical Difficulties


This episode was brought to you by the grace of 6 project and 3 system recoveries. Hard Drives failed and power supplies died but this episode is now live! This week I’m joined by Toler, Hayden, and Rushan to talk about the new Nugget Bridge, Pokémon turning 20, and the new hot team all the kids are using!

0.0.20 Intro
0.3.50 Battle Spot update.
0.6.00 International Challenge announced.
0.11.45 The story behind the new Nugget Bridge blog system.
0.27.29 Pokémon turns 20 and we reflect on where we were when it started.
0.40.17 EU Regionals might have happened.
0.41.58 Midseason showdowns announced.
0.43.04 Hayden is the latest victim of TOM. (This is also where my computer dies and so my audio will be missing or poor the rest of the show. I cut around it best I could.)
0.48.49 Kangaskahn/Smeargle/Xerneas/Groudon. How it works, and how to stop it.
1.02.12 Question time! First one is about Mewtwo.
1.10.10 Next question is about event legends
1.23.30 Outro