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Werewolves of London


Take your hat off and get ready to rock, VGC 2017 is here! This week Sam, Toler, and Tiffany are breaking down Championship Points, Prize $$$, and format changes. There was also a bunch of Sun & Moon news with double doses of wolves, monkeys and unevolved Z-Moves.

00:20 Intro, Zog
02:30 CP Bar
14:30 Prize $
19:00 Format change in December
22:05 Pokemon Bank
25:20 Dress up is back!
27:00 Grooming
30:20 New Z-Moves
36:50 Passimian
38:55 Oranguru
41:55 Lycanroc
46:35 Bronzong
50:25 Personal favorite pokemon in 2016