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Where Do We Go From Here?


We’re back for the new year. This week I’m joined by JTK, Dim, and Smith. We kick things off with more sandwich and Smeargle talk, then jump into US nats rumors. After that it’s a lot of half formed ideas on the metagame based on early PCs and testing. Everything is terrible! Everything is great! What is bread?! Find out now!

0.0.20 Intro: What sandwich would Primals make?

0.4.34 Rules and more Smeargle talk.

0.13.40 US National location rumors

0.20.25 What we’ve seen at Premiere Challenges

0.38.00 Questions! Outlook for Trick Room in 2016?

0.42.24 What is best between Kyoger/Groudon/Rayquaza?

0.54.00 Good non-restricted or underused pokémon?

1.11.30 Outro

1.21.20 A working knowledge of human language is easily achievable but understanding the concept of bread is a bridge too far for Primal Pokémon.